After witnessing the illness of Cystic Fibrosis in relatives & their close-knit community at Princess Margaret Hospital the idea of a company that donated to Cystic Fibrosis was born. After long talks with the good folks at `the niche` in Perth we agreed on a sponsorship program & started development. A long journey to create the greatest feta known to mankind began After many failures with flavour combinations & different feta styles the best 5 were chosen and small scale production began. We instantly had a great support network in the independent retail outlets as most store proprietors were very keen to help. Winners The 5 flavours were entered into the Dairy Industry Association Awards (Western Australia) to test the products against the best judges in the business and they were impressed. 1 gold & 4 silver medals in our first attempt in 2013... Every product was a winner!!!
Remember, don’t pour the oil down the sink, use the flavour infused oil next time you cook your favourite cut of meat.
Basil Pesto Marinated Feta (gold medal here) Fresh hand-picked basil from Wanneroo & Ord River, milk from south west Australia help this product obtain a gold medal.
Marinated Feta Traditional style feta with our secret herb & spice blend to tantalize your taste buds
Chilli Feta Blending the secret herbs & spices with a hint of chilli
Mediterranean Feta Feta mixed with a few Greek olives & sun dried tomatoes makes for a great addition to your platter.
Danish chilli & rosemary feta Soft & creamy Danish feta tossed in cayenne powder & rosemary, cut in larger portions to preserve the shape is best served on a platter with your cheese knife...
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